Will we sit together?
Absolutely.  Tables range in size from 5 to 25.  You will be seated at one table (or adjacent tables of equal size) if you buy discounted tickets online in one transaction or if others buy their own using the table reservation code emailed to you.  Up to 24 full priced tickets can be held with a deposit online or by calling (617) 423 4900.
Can we choose where we sit?
Well, sort of.  You can request specific seating (your own table, adjacent tables, a certain server, in front, on the side etc.) and we will do our best.  To make it as easy as possible to fulfill your request, your entire party needs to arrive as soon as the doors open.  We cannot hold specific seats forever.
Can my friends call and join us?
Sorry, the only way we can guarantee they sit at your table(s) is if you change your deposited reservation or if they also buy tickets online referencing the table reservation code emailed to you.  This is intended to expedite seating to everyone's benefit as too much time spent at check-in can shorten the show.
Can we just show up?
Not a good idea.  We prepare meals and arrange tables based on advance reservations.  If some parties arrive smaller than intended, we may be able to accomodate you.
Is it 21+?
Yes and no. Minors (under 21) can come with parent(s) or with manager's approval.  No one under 18 is permitted at the 8:45 Saturday show.  No nudity or F bombs but bawdy content not suitable for some regardless of age.
Is it still all you can drink?
Never has been.  Each Royal Treatment admission includes a drink token which can be exchanged (assuming sobriety) for either
  • a half gallon pitcher of Michelob Amber or Pabst Blue Ribbon
  • or a half litre carafe of Chablis or Burgundy
For those who do not want (or cannot have) alcohol we offer
  • a litre carafe of our own "Virgin Mead" (pomegranate/honey/decaf iced tea)
  • or a bottle of IBC diet root beer.
A party of 10 would initially redeem some of their 10 tokens to get the variety they want.  Remaining tokens then refill those containers throughout the show.  Though it rarely happens, additional tokens can be purchased for $3 each at manager's discretion.
What will the vegetarian in our party be served?
We request 24 hours notice for substitutes.  Everyone (including omnivores) gets pepper cheese trenchers (pizza), salad and steamed carrots.  A vegan version of the beef based gluten/lactose free Faux Dragon soup is available.  Vegan substitutes for the beef rib and chicken are a vegetable crudite with humus and a red bean and rice stuffed pepper respectively.  Nothing is offered in place of the mussels.  Oh well, to shell with 'em.
And those who can't have gluten?
Not to worry. There is no hidden gluten (soy sauce, malt, etc.).  If it looks like bread (or beer) it is.  Except for the pound cake mix there is no raw flour in the house.
What about peanuts?

Not an issue.  There are no nuts or nut products in any menu item (including peanuts).  The only "nuts" are one or two performers in the King's court and the occasional customer.
Do we even have to eat?
No.  However, some discounts require everyone included in your reservation choose the Royal Treatment.  If someone chooses to give away their chicken we won't cry fowl.
We're coming in a bus.
Is the parking free?

Only in Monopoly.  If your bus arrives when the gated lot opens, we can usually back it in and charge you $10.  Most buses and limosines prefer to park on the street in front of our buliding or one block over on Traveler Street.  Drivers are welcomed to watch the show from the back (and eat for free).
Can we take photos?
Still yes, video no.  Please be discreet with flash photography and send us copies to put online, photos@medievalmanor.com.
What am I coming to see?
Is it like the one in Florida?

We do not try to send you back in time - just give you a great one.  Our comedic roots are in vaudeville and burlesque.  No horses or barnyard aromas but laugh out loud interaction between a talented cast and an audience who frequently bring a variety of life celebrations to the "King". 

Rumors etc.
for customer letters

Only in Boston?
Hit list?
Food fights? Siberia?
Weren't you in the Eliot Hotel?
Is Peggy still wenching?
Reservations required?

Can we bring the kids?


Never. No more.
Not often (she's a mommy)
For one or more, yes.

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Turns and Returns

Remember Oaf's rubber chicken? Want to meet his new sweetheart or maybe
M'Darlin, the King's main squeeze? Old favorites and new surprises are always being added.

Whether first time virgin or hard core veteran, it's time to bring it to the King!

Been quite a while?
  • New script
  • New songs
  • New characters 
  • New recipes
  • Bigger stage
  • Smaller hall
  • More seating options
  • Fewer group restrictions
  • Numerous discounts
  • Same old fashioned fun

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Location, Location, Location
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(printable on one page)
246 East Berkeley Street
Boston, MA 02118

We are in the first brick building on the right, diagonally across from
the Mobil station.

We relocated here in 1982.
  • I-93 N (from the South) to Exit 20 (South Station/I-90 East-West) Follow signs for South Station (avoiding Mass Pike).  Turn left at the first light.  Go 100 feet and turn left at the light onto Albany Street.  At the third light turn right.
  • I-93 S (from the North) to Exit 20-B (Albany St/I-90 West) While in the tunnel, where 20-B goes from one lane to two, stay right to avoid rejoining I-93. Once above ground, immediately exit left onto Albany Street (just before Mass Pike entrance).  Turn right at the third light.
  • I-90 E (from the West) to Exit 24-A (South Station) Turn left at the first light onto Kneeland Street. Turn left at the second light at Surface Road, onto Albany Street. At the fourth light turn right.  Call for updates.
  • Storrow Drive  Gain access to Arlington Street (no exit by that name).  At Tremont, the road veers left and becomes Herald Street.  Just past the Boston Herald, turn right at the last light onto Albany Street.  At the second light turn right.
Our gated parking lot is behind our building
It opens about an hour before the show
$10 per vehicle
  • MBTA  On the Red Line, get off at Broadway and walk across the Broadway Bridge, under I-93, then left on Albany and right onto East Berkeley, an 8-10 minute walk.
Medieval Manners
        ...(Chivalry is not dead)

  • All guests must be at least 21 years old or be with their parent(s) or have our manager’s prior approval.
  • Management notes it’s obligation to limit or withhold the service of alcoholic beverages or even deny admittance to intoxicated patrons.  A non invasive breath test device may be used to help evaluate blood alcohol levels.  No refunds.
  • The continued availability of cash bar beverages during intermissions is at the discretion of the manager.
  • Sorry, no video cameras or audible cell phones.
  • Clothes are required but there is no reason to dress up.  Shorts are totally acceptable in months without an "r".
  • As at any theatrical event, conversing with others as well as leaving or returning to your seat during the performance is unfair to everyone.  Don’t annoy the King!

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All shows have the same adult content (we rate ourselves PG-15½) suitable for most families with older children and some with younger. While there is no nudity or F bombs, there are puns, sight gags and other sexually suggestive comedic material unacceptable to some regardless of age.
no manure

We are more of a nightclub without horses than a Knight Club with manure.  The Sunday and Thursday shows are discounted for families but are no less bawdy.  Many customers find the show too risqué and inappropriate for kids younger than 10.  Some customers prefer audiences without any kids so everyone must be at least 18 at the 8:45 show on Saturday.

Got one?

Save $25!
Five to twenty five can sit at one table.  Whenever possible, parties of two, three or four are grouped to fill larger tables.  Parties larger than 48 require manager's approval. Private shows for 54 or more can be booked on Sunday, either before 12:45 or after 8:45, or on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings after 6:45.  To book a regular show privately requires 108 admissions.  We typically seat no more than 144 but can seat up to 192.

We are 99.9% wheelchair accessible.

Gift Certificates are available, and can be purchased by phone  (617) 423-4900 or online with a credit/debit card. They may be purchased in any dollar amount, and are valid at least seven years from the date of purchase.


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